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Bromeliads require very little attention to maintain their beautiful flowers for a long time. These easy care instructions will help retailers, homeowners, commercial property managers and others maintain striking bromeliads.

WateringBromeliads are very resilient and can thrive on little water.

  • It is best to use purified water, especially for soft-leaf types like Guzmanias. Do not use water from a softener.
  • Let your bromeliad dry out between waterings. The soil on the bottom of the pot can be damp, but the surface should be dry when touched.
  • To water, pour directly into the “cup” formed by the center leaves of the bromeliad. It acts as a reservoir, providing an emergency supply of water and nutrients. Continue to pour water after the cup begins to overflow, allowing excess spillage to moisten the soil below.

Soil – For the best results, mix peat moss with an equal amount of bark or perlite that has a diameter of an eighth to a quarter of an inch.

Sunlight – Direct sunlight on sunny days is too intense for bromeliads, especially for Aechmeas and Guzmanias. Bromeliads are ideal for areas that are partly shady and protected from long periods of hot, direct sunlight. These versatile plants can also thrive in low-light, indoor environments.

If you have further questions about bromeliad care, please contact a bromeliad retailer