Bromeliads are members of the Bromeliacae family and are a distant, colorful cousin to the pineapple and Spanish moss. Bromeliads are naturally grown in tropical rainforests, clinging to trees, rocks or the ground. Kent’s Bromeliad Nursery has cultivated over 100 varieties in the U.S. at its growing facilities.

As a long-lasting, flowering gift with a brightly colored center foliage available in a variety of colors and patterns, bromeliads can be enjoyed for months with little to no care. Bromeliads vary in size from 8 inches small all the way up to 5 feet tall.

These strikingly beautiful plants are grown year-round at our 840,000-square-foot nursery and are grown with passion, extra care and attention. Our plants take time to grow and flower in exactly the right color stage, so please plan ahead in your seasonal ordering.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our beautiful products.

Custom Orders – Kent’s will grow custom commercial orders if you simply call ahead and request. We will produce bromeliads in the quantity, size and color you desire.

Indoor Specialties –For commercial use, Kent’s offers a large line of easy-to-care-for bromeliads that thrive in low-to medium-light environments at a temperature range of 63 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Our indoor line can go two to three weeks between waterings.

Color Choice – We have three distinct color stages to choose from when ordering:

  • High – intense, full color of a mature bloom
  • Medium – two to four weeks between bud and mature bloom
  • Low – four to six weeks from a bud

During the ordering process, buyers may choose at which color stage plants will be delivered. Please be aware that ordering a low or medium color stage will not increase the bloom time. Lighting conditions affect color; low light fades color and intense light bleaches color. Once our bromeliads leave the nursery, lighting conditions will change and blooms may not reach full color potential. If you are looking for bromeliads for interior use, we recommend ordering high color.


High Color Aechmea

High Color

Medium Color Aechmea

Medium Color

Low Color Aechmea

Low Color


High Color Guzmania

High Color

Medium Color Guzmania

Medium Color

Low Color Guzmania

Low Color


High Color Vriesea

High Color

Medium Color Vriesea

Medium Color

Low Color Vriesea

Low Color